MetaWorth Dounment

What is Metaworth Exchange?

Metaworth Exchange is a Metaverse-based ecosystem with nobility in its products such as Metakey, a key that not only unlocks the world of Metaverse, but also enhances the reality. Metaworth is not merely a decentralized exchange with Staking, Yield Farming and other sections. It is aimed to change the world by encouraging sustainable transport such as E.scooters in exchange for rewards, holding talent ID sessions for children and adolescents, discovering individual’s talents and leading them to international classes without any mental and geographical limits.












MTW is the main token of the Metaworth ecosystem.
Ticker: MTW
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total supply: 200,000 (Limited and Exclusive)
Contract Address:

Presale DEX CEX
Reserve Team Airdrop
Security Marketing Advisor

Metaverse Exchange

In this section, users can swap Bep-20 tokens directly with each other in a decentralized way (Metaworth runs on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin). In the exchange, the fee can be considered the lowest relative to other exchanges based on the benefits that are given to the individual. However, This is not an ordinary exchange. Metaworth exchange has a Metaverse exchange section simply giving the users the chance to buy and sell assets as Metaverse NFTs on The Metaworth’s marketplace, buy and sell Land parcels and Estates and play games.

    • Trading Fees: 0.3%

Trading Fees Distribution

    • Treasury ecosystem: 0.02%
    • LP Providers: 0.24%
    • Total backup fund: 0.02%
    • MTW Owners with + 10,000 MTW : 0.02%

Stepped Private Sale

The Private sale has multiple steps. In each step, the tokens’ amount and price increase. Stepped Private sale would reduce the chance of limited Token holders owning a high percentage of the Pre-sale tokens. Stepped Private sale can engage more users in the process. 

Liquidity Pool

In Metaworth, users can create their own liquidity pool with a token. The maximum tokens for creating a liquidity pool are 10 tokens. After creating Liquidity Pool, users receive an LP token that represents the users’ share of the pool. For each transaction made in a liquidity pool, 0.24% of the transaction amount is the liquidity pool providers’ share. Users can also farm their LP token in the Yield Farming section to earn more profits. They can remove the liquidity pool at any time and receive their own token or tokens.

Governance Token

MTW is the Metaworth governance token. In this way, everyone with a share of it receives a constant payment. The sale, trading and fee profits from The Swap, NFTs, Lands, Applications, and any other features added to the protocols will be distributed with holders based on the percentage of their tokens held.


Metakey is the utility token of Metaverse and users can buy one Land parcel and an NFT with one Metakey. Its price equals 100 MTW while it is given as the reward of Staking. Users can stake 1000 MTWs for 3 months and receive one Metakey for free.

Metaworth Game And App

Metaverse E-Learning

We’ve scheduled to develop a virtual educational system where people can use their avatar to use classrooms and conferences and many more features while they are sitting on a couch at home. It will be available to all nations without restrictions. A student not only benefits from native second language teachers, professional artists, or coaches in any sport they are interested in, but also from Talent ID Sessions that identify their potentials and help them select their goals.

Talent ID sessions held by professional examiners, can simply define the top 10 talents of a child or an adolescent. Neither mental nor geographical boundaries apply here. Moreover, Teachers, instructors and mentors can simply buy or rent a space in Metaverse using Metakey and hold their classes in this space.

International Job Opportunities

Metaverse is a vast community in which people can choose their professions based on their knowledge, capability and ingenuity, not their environment. Using Metaverse, global tests will be held and job consultants will recommend the best job opportunities for employees based on their potential, allowing employers to select the most qualified candidates. Metaworth replaces geographical boundaries with potency and knowledge, allowing remote job offers to pursue both parties’ goals.

EcoFit, Eco-friendly NFT

In these days of pollution, we need to care for the Earth constantly. This burden is on everyone’s shoulders. EcoFit, our Eco-friendly application is designed to encourage substantial transport such as riding a bike, E scooter, skateboard or even walking in exchange for reward and Eco-friendly NFTs can simply turn your green vehicle into an ATM. The tokens are collected in the user’s wallet while using the application and can be easily transferred to any Cryptocurrencies.

This application is effective in controlling and reducing obesity, the common, serious disease in most of the countries such as the USA. The simplest way to assist overweight people is to encourage exercising and what could be better than getting rewarded in exchange for walking, hiking, running, etc.?  Users can get Eco-friendly NFTs to access the application and get paid using green transport or exercising. We never forget people with disabilities. So, there is a specific NFT section for them to benefit from rewards using their wheelchairs, etc.

Donate To Spread Kindness

There are many ways to improve the world and our team is engaging all MTW users to cooperate in a blessing event called donation. But how? There are many disabled children around the world who can’t afford a wheelchair or any necessary devices to experience an easy life. EcoFit will reward users when they reach their daily activity target with a coin special for donations, which will then be gathered in a donation wallet until enough coins are accumulated to purchase one wheelchair. The wheelchair will be purchased and donated to charity organizations around the world. The donation wallet, transactions along with the process of purchasing and donating wheelchairs will be vividly displayed throughout the project’s website and social media so that users can see and feel the effect of their support.


In this section, users can stake different assets and receive profits. Staking APR is less than Yield Farming. Users can use leverage to multiply their profits without liquidation. Staking APR is a combination of fixed and variable APR.

Primary Staking

During the stepped Private Sale, users can stake their tokens for a specific period of time and collect Metakey. Stakeholders can stake more tokens or unstake anytime they intend to. However, the reward can be harvested only if the staking period is finished.

Leveraged Staking

Users can borrow up to 3X of the value of their fund using leverage and increase their profits without worrying about liquidation. User’s fund is locked until the end of the staking period and they can only withdraw their profits.

Combined Staking

The features of this type of staking is similar to the previous part with the difference that the staking profit is locked with the fund until the end of the staking period which can increase APR.

Yield Farming

In the Yield Farming section, users can farm their LP tokens to receive more profits. Users can multiply their profits without liquidation using leverage. Yield Farming APR is a combination of fixed APR and variable APR.

Simple Yield Farming

After Yield Farming, the tokens can be harvested whenever required. Its APR is lower.

Leveraged Yield Farming

Users can borrow using the leverage up to 3x of the value of their tokens in the liquidity pool and increase their profits without worrying about liquidation. Users’ LP tokens are locked until the end of the Yield Farming period and users can only withdraw their profits.

Combined Yield Farming

The features are similar to the previous part with the difference that the Yield Farming profit is locked until the end of the Yield Farming period and the APR is increased.


Users can exchange their tokens with each other in a decentralized way without intermediaries.


Metaworth is a multi-chain protocol. Using the multi-chain features, users can transfer their tokens between different networks (bridge) and use the functions and assets of different networks in the areas of Liquidity pool, staking, and Yield Farming. It is currently working on the Binance network and in the future, it will expand itself on the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano and other networks.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Metawallet, a secure multi Crypto privacy-focused wallet which gives the users the chance to safely manage assets, swap, send, and receive Cryptocurrencies with any blockchain platform users intend to.